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Quality comforter cleaning service

Your comforters keep you warm during the winter months, so you should keep them clean. At some places cleaning your comforters may be expensive, however we offer cash-saving coupons.

You wash your sheets and blankets fairly regularly, but things like comforters, quilts, and pillows often don’t fit in your washer, or are made of materials you don’t know what to do with.

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Take advantage of our

coupons for great savings

on laundry and dry

cleaning services.


full satisfaction with every service.

Have your comforters cleaned affordably.

• Same day service

• In by 10am, ready by 4pm

• Saturday service

• No additional rush charge

Convenient service

• Comforters

• Quilts

• Bedspreads

• Down comforters

Comforters and more

Satisfaction GUARANTEED

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between affordability and quality. Our experienced professionals will treat your comforters with care and precision. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your newly cleaned comforters.